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An Exclusive Antique Mantel Collection.
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The Finest Quality
Antique Fireplace Mantels.

                                           Collection of Fine Antique Mantels


Antique Mantel #1021  -   Regence Style 19th Century French Fireplace Mantel
Incredibly Carved Breche Violet Marble, in Pristine Condition
 51"h. x 71"w.

Royal Chateau Antique Mantels Collection of the Finest Antique French Fireplace Mantels

Vintage French
Antique Mantel Collection

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Royal Chateau
Antique Mantel Collection

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Marshall Galleries Mantels
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The Finest Quality Antique French Mantel Collection 

Antique Fireplaces:  Rare, Vintage Antique Fireplace Mantels.
Crafted by hand during the 18th & 19th Centuries.
Over 60 marble antique mantels in stock.
These are genuine antiques carved by masters during an age that defined this art.
True relics of a lost age, the grace and integrity of these mantels will be the focal point of any home.